The Black Mountain Radio string band, based in Palo Alto, California, plays a mix of Americana roadhouse, country, and less-commonly heard bluegrass tunes.  The band features musicians that have migrated through jazz, classical, blues, roots, country, and Americana to arrive at their unique string band groove.

Digging through uncommon collections, b-sides, and non-standard tunes, the band has assembled a unique repertoire filled with stories about lovers, drifters and outlaws — happy, edgy, and melancholy.  Their upbeat roadside and soulful bluegrass can entertain a crowd for hours as two mandolins, two guitars, a banjo, and bass broadcast an ever-changing mix of unique tunes.  

The bands vocal harmonies weave words from the country’s mountains, highways, and byways. Spiced with roadside mojo and cozy country flair, their tunes are sure to give your guests a place to forget their travails, hang their hat, and tap their feet for a night.

-Monte Bello Ridge atop Black Mountain with our radio station and tower visible in the top center...

Each band member has been a practicing musician for decades and their friendship and chemistry grew out of other bands and local jams to spark the band’s formation.  The group keeps their set lists fresh by transmitting improvisation over the airwaves to keep barbeques, gatherings, campfires, and more sprinkled with sweet music.

Check out selections from our musical repertoire HERE

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