Booking Black Mountain Radio

We're based in Palo Alto and travel throughout Northern California and some of the more discriminating bits of Nevada, Oregon and Washington. (Which means—wherever we can finagle an invite to a really cool party, venue, or festival. Or whenever we just need to get out of town for a while.)

We love playing private parties and gatherings of all sorts. We can play amped or acoustic and are about providing complementary ambience to your event and setting appropriate quality and tone — not about blasting anyone's eardrums off. Our PA systems are state of the art and provide clear, crisp sound which is easily tailored any environment. Most of our tunes are danceable. (The really little kids always dance — which pleases us no end. Austin also dances a lot. He can't help it.)

Rates are flexible. Tell us what you are trying to achieve for you event and what your budget is and we will work with you. We have been known to play for no more than a really good cause, beer and BBQ.

To contact us directly about booking, please send email to:

Please click on the following link and join our list of supporters Friends of Black Mountain Radio Group so you can communicate with us and so the band can email you about our upcoming parties and performances— Note: We really detest spam and would never sell, give away or otherwise misuse your email address. Friends of Black Mountain Radio is a Yahoo Group list so you can easily unsubscribe at any time.